Who is Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi (KOL)?

I am a Nigerian, a woman and one of the new generations who believe in the hope and promise of our nation and the ability of its people. I am an enlightened cosmopolitan professional with a pan-Nigerian outlook. I am a leading media entrepreneur, and an active social impact practitioner. I am considered to be one of Nigeria’s leading women in media and advertising and have been recognized as a pioneer in the delivery of innovative brand and marketing solutions. I founded Slice Media Solutions where I am the CEO, and I created the social impact initiatives - Water Relief NG and Help Our Youths (HOY) both designed to tackle the urgent challenges of lack of clean water and youth unemployment in Nigeria.


I was born in Lagos to a prominent Lagos family with a legacy of public service. My father is Lateef Femi Okunnu (SAN) is President Isale-Eko descendants Union and an elder statesman. My mother Arinola Omololu, is a businesswoman of Ago-Owu pedigree.

I am proud to hail from a long line of professionals, technocrats and intelligentsia. My maternal grandfather Dr Omololu was a trained medical doctor and was one of the first medical doctors in Isale Eko during his lifetime. While my father, Lateef Olufemi Okunnu is a former Federal Commissioner of Works & Housing (1967-74) with record groundbreaking infrastructural developments and many more to his credit.

I am the only child from my parents, and have step siblings – both maternal and paternal.

I am married to Adeshola Lamidi, a financial analyst & risk management professional. We are blessed with children.

As one might expect, I was not the typical child.

I received my Primary education at both the University of Lagos Staff School & Childville School Yaba (1985 -1994).

I then proceeded to the Atlantic-Hall School Maryland for my Secondary Education W.A.E.C (1994 – 2000).

At 16, during my summer holidays, I began my work in community influencing; introducing mentorship programming, tutoring and volunteering duty. My first job was at The Motherless Babies Home Lekki. During this time at the orphanage, I was able to secure the purchase of a power generating set for use in the home and also engage the major offices of the Lagos state government in a bid to secure more attention and welfare resources for the home.

Through the years, I have been described by my teachers, colleagues and friends as observant, single-minded and always ready to serve. This has helped me expand my sphere of influence among my peers and attracted recognition from my superiors.

I received quite a few academic and behavioral competency honors throughout my educational journey and have been described by my close associates as one “most likely to succeed”.

I then gained admission into the University of Abuja to study Industrial Chemistry. The incessant closure of Nigerian Universities and the infamous ASUU strikes set the tone for my relocation to the United Arab Emirates where I changed and completed my undergraduate degree program in Business Management (Hons) at the University of Bolton RAK Campus. This was a period of great significance in my life. The decision to switch to a business degree made a great impact in the trajectory of my pursuits as I strongly believe that my degree in business administration is my most versatile academic credential.

In a bid to further study modelling in business and strategy, I enrolled at the prestigious Heriot-Watt University Dubai for a Master’s in Strategic Project Management (SPM).

After completing my academics, I moved back home for the mandatory 1YR National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). I served in the education sector, where I taught Physics and Chemistry in auxiliary capacities in one of the Lagos State Government Secondary Schools.

My next job was at the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA), where I worked for four (4) years. My career at LASAA began as every freshman civil servant does; servitude right from beginner level to eventually rising in ranks.
Throughout my civil service years, I was most committed to project development, client engagement and ease of doing business index reform (EoDB).
At the time of my resignation, I was Head, Client Services/Corporate Affairs.

My foray into Entrepreneurship began when I delved into the agency side of media marketing and advertising. I am glad to have made an indelible name for myself as a seasoned marketing professional and active social impact practitioner.
I am Founder & CEO of Slice Media Solutions, a renowned pioneering brand and innovation solutions company.

As the Lead Consultant, my responsibilities lie in providing creative direction and innovative solutions while benchmarking reputation management with service delivery. With an intelligent and highly specialized team, Slice Media has also become a critical essence of the OOH media space. The vision is to consistently provide High Level Communication Solutions for business models, industries, governments and civil society.

I am a proud member of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) and was the first female to be featured on the cover of an Out of Home Magazine in Nigeria. It has been humbling to also be featured as one of the Top 50 Women in Marketing & Communication in Nigeria. I am always keen to work in brand consultancy across a diverse spectrum of industries, from start-ups to superstar brands, to niche businesses and non-profits.

I advocate gender balance and youth development to aid in the creation of a viable, stable and prosperous nation. Some social impact initiatives I created to restore these functions include:

  • Water Relief
  • Help Our Youth (HOY)
  • To Better Nigeria
  • Project: Bridge the Gap
  • Nigerian Heart Foundation
  • GW Alzheimer’s Foundation

  • They are designed to tackle the immediate challenges of lack of clean water and youth inclusion & participation in Nigeria.

Soon after the incorporation of Slice Media, my team and I constituted sustainability plans. To reflect this, we ensure our corporate policies are socio-economically and environmentally conscious by way of investment.

Water Relief NG is a homegrown not-for-profit social scheme which provides drinkable water to our most rural and underserved communities.
Presently, Water Relief serves a total of 17 communities and is on the way to setting up the first independent water distribution infrastructure in the country. This is a bid to provide steady, clean water to over 10,000 Nigerians.

I also offer strategy advisory for the Project: Bridge the Gap initiative; a digital and soft skills outreach campaign tailored to young boys between ages 11 and 19 currently remanded in correctional facilities across the country. The mission is to bridge the skills gap and prepare them for independent integration into society through upskilling.

I am a member of the “To Better Nigeria” Group whose mission is to support and resource the building of democratic and progressive political platforms in Nigeria through civic education, social activism and political collaboration.

With an understanding of the potency of human capital, and the level of inclusion required to produce a functioning and thriving society/country; I am a champion of the Help Our Youths (HOY) Initiative. I focused on pre-electoral candidate campaign platforms – a crucial step for encouraging and supporting youth to participate in election cycles. The inclusion of youth in formal politics is important for countries in transition and seeking fresh ideas and new leadership dynamics. The framework involves identifying capacity development measures and grooming of young candidates for leadership at local, national and global levels. The impact of a steady diversity within growing youth populations allows us to foster youth as part of the solutions and potential agents of change.

The re-introductions of bursaries, grants & loans will also help remove existing economic barriers to youth political participation. Applications undergo rigorous vetting to ultimately help to expand the capacity pool of public servants to serve in elected office.

I am is also involved in several humanitarian initiatives and supports foundations in both the formal and informal sectors that have long lasting positive impacts on the country’s political culture.

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